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BIMprojects together with Freeman wins tender Pavilion of Ageria EXPO 2020

BIMprojects is proud to be a member of the creative team Freeman.

As a team we have worked hard over the past 3 months on the Pavilion of Algaria for the EXPO world exhibition in Dubai next year.

We won the tender at the beginning of March and today we have completed the concept design.

We have also taken further steps in the field of BIM, so that the following international projects will run even more smoothly. The translation of the library elements, materials, surfaces and layers has now been completed. The exchange of documents was therefore fairly smooth.

Our clients have given us the opportunity to work on more and more international assignments, and BIM plays an increasingly important role in this.

In the coming months the technical elaboration of the building will be provided by Pico international and X architects Dubai.

In October 2020, Algarije will welcome the first guests to the Pavilion.

No boundaries through the use of BIM

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